xLinks Updated to version 7

xLinks Updated to version 7

xLinks is a program that can be used as a URL shortener or sefelink, equipped with a blocking system that allows you to block access from bots or other visitors you don’t want. xLinks has become a favorite for several developers because it can help them get visitors according to their marketing targets.

What’s new?

During the latest development process, we have added the latest features that can be tailored to your needs.

Added Domain Reffer Blocker Feature

Allows you to block access to visitors you don’t want, if you place a shortlink on a social media platform, for example TikTok, then only visitors who open the link via TikTok can only access your shortlink and if it’s not from TikTok then access will be blocked by the system

Some Minor Bug Fixes

Improvisation and fixing several problems from the previous version, as well as algorithm adjustments.

Available features

  2. IP Blocker (blackbox) in plugins
  3. VPN/Proxy Blocker
  4. Allows users to use shortlinks without blockers (reasons for user needs ads/paid traffic)
  5. Feature to change the appearance of the front page (default front page)
  6. Antibot Service System (plugins)
  7. Stopbot Service System (plugins)
  8. Whitelist IP system
  9. BOT Display/redirect area system (redirect, view embed, view internal blocked page)
  10. API system for external blocker
  11. IP Blocker with Wildcard
  12. Custom Bot Pages
  13. Supported Multiuser
  14. Country Blocker perShortlink
  15. ISP Blocker
  16. Single Visitor Statistic
  17. Dual Switch System (Rotate Link or Random Link)
  18. Fake Preview on Shortlink Display
  19. Secure Panel Access Key
  20. Multi Shortlink
  21. Blocked/Valid/Unknown Logs
  22. Portable script without Database/instalation
  23. Have 370k Bad IP List
  24. Have 3K Bad ISP List
  25. Domain reffering Blocker
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How to buy xLinks

xLinks is one of the products we are developing, if you are interested in xLinks you can contact us via the Contact Us page to make a purchase.


We guarantee free download of the latest version forever! we will invite you to our private repository on github. But remember, it is forbidden to share files with anyone! If we find you sharing files then we will disable your guarantee!